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Your employees count on you for affordable healthcare. Yet, rising deductibles and premium sharing are cutting into their take-home pay, while rising costs are eroding your bottom line. The fact is, affordable, quality care options do exist, but most people don’t know where or how to find them. We’re changing that. As the leading provider of Cloud-based cost transparency solutions, HealthSparq® offers you and your employees an easy way to shop, compare and save when choosing treatments and providers.  This product will be offered through our Health Plan customers.

Control Costs and Care Options

Wouldn’t it be nice if your employees had more control over their healthcare decisions? With our solution, it’s possible. Your employees can research and compare their options— treatments, providers, facilities and costs—online, ahead of time. It’s informed decision-making. And it means not having to sacrifice quality of care to control out-of-pocket costs. It’s the type of engagement that increases accountability, improves health and drives down costs.

Move Your Bottom Line

For us, transparency means more than just cost. It means helping your employees become more savvy healthcare shoppers. The more informed they are, the more healthy and financially sound choices they’ll make.

How We Do It

Detailed claims-based cost estimates and shopping opportunities, employee-specific benefit accumulators for out-of-pocket costs, provider quality and demographics, and user-generated reviews and content come together to create a dynamic, online shopping experience.

Single Search: An easy search feature lets employees research all their healthcare needs—from treatment options and provider choices to prices.

Real Prices: Employees can find out how much they’ll owe for care, based on their health plan’s contracts, benefits and coverage.

Patient Reviews: Reviews from patients who’ve been there provide insights into actual experiences with providers.

Alerts and Dashboards: Your employees will receive personalized notifications about cost-saving opportunities based on shopping campaigns and their claims activities.

Telehealth: A convenient and affordable alternative to non-emergency visits, our telehealth feature connects patients with doctors over the phone or through online video conferencing.

Tools For Employers

Reporting: Evaluate aggregated employee progress on cost avoidance and campaigns with ROI reporting that measures and reports outcomes and savings..

Incentive Campaigns: Create campaigns to reward your employees for smart choices or positive behavior changes.

A Familiar Platform

Your employees already shop online for other goods and services. Our solution makes it easy for them to shop for healthcare services the same way.

  • Consumer-friendly eCommerce design lets everyone navigate effortlessly.The difference is that employees end up buying smarter and making more value-based decisions about their healthcare.
  • It leverages our over seven years of experience in developing, testing and evolving tools with real-world patients, providers and health plans.

“People deserve to know, indeed they have a right to know,
what their healthcare costs and how good it is.”

– Former HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt

HealthSparq ignited the healthcare transparency revolution. Today, we’re leading it— empowering people to become informed healthcare consumers. HealthSparq is the only transparency solutions company with over seven years of experience in developing, testing and evolving tools with real-world patients, providers and health plans. The result: a new way for you and your employees to experience healthcare.

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