Case Studies and Reports

Case Study: Portland Business Journal Case Study -  One employer’s solution for managing increasing health care costs.

Case Study: HealthSparq Treatment Cost Estimator Case StudyThe Power of Price Transparency. Nearly $50 Million in Potential Cost Savings Shown When Health Plan Members Shop for Healthcare.

Research Report: Health Insurance Plans and Transparency: The Good, the Bad, and the Opportunity - For the second year in a row, HealthSparq commissioned a benchmark study on the adoption of transparency tools by health plans nationwide. This study compares the results from 2013 to 2014.

Research Report: Health Insurance Plans and Transparency: an Industry Benchmark - HealthSparq commissioned a first-of-its-kind benchmark study of healthcare transparency sentiment and plans as reported by health plan executives nationwide. The research was conducted by The Cicero Group, a respected independent market research firm in the healthcare industry.

White Papers

The Case for Online Shopping for Healthcare Services – As healthcare costs continue to rise, consumers who face increasing out-of-pocket costs are highly motivated to find ways to better manage their healthcare spend.

U.S. HEALTHCARE REFORM: The Call for Greater Cost and Quality Transparency. This 8-page document from HealthSparq details how healthcare reform relates to the need for increased transparency within the industry as a way to bring down costs and meet consumer demand.

Panel Discussion and Webinar Transcriptions

Infosys Public Services conducted this transcribed panel discussion on “creating a consistent and connected experience across the consumer lifecycle“.

The following is a transcribed excerpt of the Q&A from “Bringing Price Transparency to Healthcare”, a custom webinar presented on Aug. 26, 2014, by Modern Healthcare Custom Media and sponsored by the University of Phoenix.


The HealthSparq Value Chain – Bringing Online Shopping to Healthcare – HealthSparq’s cloud-based software solutions are rewriting the way people interact with the healthcare system – turning passive patients into empowered consumers.

Healthcare Transparency Stats from Health Plan Executives – How the call for greater cost and quality transparency will affect health insurance plans.

The Case for Online Shopping for Healthcare Services – The argument for online healthcare shopping.

On-Demand Webinar Recordings

PBJ Webinar: Reducing Healthcare Expenses and How to Make it Work for Your Company - One solution for controlling costs is offering high deductible health plans paired with health savings accounts.  But to make these kinds of health plans really effective, employees must be equipped with tools that engage them in the cost and quality of their own healthcare decision making.

The New Transparency Marketplace: How Health Plans Are Preparing - New laws require your plan to adopt cost-comparison tools. But many health plans are implementing additional capabilities to leverage a transparency investment. In this webinar, healthcare experts from HTMS will share the strategies leading health plans are adopting, and outline key elements of competitive transparency strategies.

Meeting Member Demand for Healthcare Services Shopping - The average annual employee contribution for family healthcare has doubled between 2002 and 2012. With these higher healthcare costs comes the expectation of comparison shopping. As health plans are realizing this paradigm shift in their members’ buying expectations, many are starting to act. Will your organization be left behind?

Meeting Your Members’ Demand for Online Healthcare Shopping - Consumer expectations for comparison shopping are coming to healthcare. Many health plans are paying attention to this paradigm shift and starting to act. The competitive pressure is on. Will your organization be left behind?

Meeting Member’s Provider Search Demands in the Post-directory Era - Increasingly, consumers are expecting a more personalized approach – one that assists with their decision making process. Learn how other health plans are implementing “smart” provider search and hear how other plans around the country are meeting their members’ demands for capabilities in their online provider search tools.

Driving Consumer Healthcare Cost Reduction Through Comparison Shopping - Cambia Health Solutions’ Chief Innovation Officer, Mohan Nair, reveals how HealthSparq’s Treatment Cost Estimator (TCE) is used by health plans and consumers to realize substantial cost savings via comparison shopping for healthcare services.

Responding to Employer Pressure for More Engaging Transparency Solutions - In this special employer-focused webinar you will learn how to build a successful employer transparency solution by seeing sepcific examples of how other employers have been successful in building theirs.

Responding to Employer Pressure for More Engaging Transparency Solutions (Presented exclusively to Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans)- In this exclusive webinar HealthSparq discusses a health-plan-friendly option to transparency vendors who are directly approaching your employer accounts, sometimes with the angle that you are not doing a good enough job engaging employees with transparency solutions.

Preparing for the Transparency Revolution - Recently more than 180 executives from over 100 U.S. Health Plans revealed how they will harness transparency tools to lower costs and better serve their members in the new 2013 Healthcare Transparency Study. View this webinar to ensure your health plan is prepared for transparency changes.


AHIP 360 Stage Presentation: How Consumer Knowledge Can Transform the Customer Experience - Scott Decker and Don Antonucci discuss healthcare trends and the importance of consumer knowledge in an evolving industry that is quickly becoming more transparent and empowering consumers to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Healthcare Transparency Solutions from HealthSparq - The healthcare system in the U.S. is in need of a transformation. As healthcare costs continue to rise, consumers need more information in order to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Transparency Best Practices with HealthSparq Solutions - During this webinar HealthSparq demonstrated how our healthcare transparency solutions engage health plan members and empower better healthcare decision making.

HealthSparq AHIP presentation: Healthcare Transparency Benchmark Study - Scott Decker offers feedback to health plans about how they can be more competitive in a changed reform environment.

How “My Blue Community” Drives Engagement for Blues - This webinar covers HealthSparq’s online health & wellness community.

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