Maximizing engagement to increase satisfaction and create greater cost savings

For Employers

Are your employees leaving savings opportunities in the delivery room, on the operating table and at the pharmacy counter? Not only does that impact your employees’ wallets, it may mean higher costs for you. Now, you can take advantage of HealthSparq Magnify to increase employee satisfaction and reduce your health care spend.

HealthSparq Magnify reduces your company’s and employees’ health care spend by increasing awareness and usage of HealthSparq One, the online health care shopping tools provided by your health plan.

Our unique solution is designed to maximize engagement of shopping tools by helping you be in the know about employee health care spending and cost-savings opportunities, drive engagement with a plan tailored to the unique needs of your company and employees and give your employees direct telephone access to a team of health care experts.

Plus, we partner with you and your health plan to deliver the online shopping and engagement tools needed to help employees be health-smart and wallet-wise. Designed to work hand-in-hand with the tools available through your health plan, HealthSparq Magnify leverages exiting platform data and eliminates the need to share sensitive information with an outside vendor. This allows you to get quick insights and results with the only engagement solution that’s seamless and fully integrates with the health care shopping tools you already have.

HealthSparq Magnify is focused on improving employee awareness and access in order to drive higher engagement rates.

For employers, this solution delivers:

  • In-depth analytics and actionable insights about your employees’ health care spending habits
  • Comprehensive set of engagement marketing tools and campaigns
  • Multiple access points into the online shopping tools in HealthSparq One, including a phone-based concierge service staffed by health care professionals
  • Full integration with telehealth services

Employer groups of all sizes will receive data-driven tools and support to help them understand their employees’ health care spending patterns, identify savings opportunities, drive behavior change and boost their bottom line, maximize employees awareness and participation and improve satisfaction with their benefit plans.

Employees will learn how to become smarter health care consumers—giving them greater control over their care and costs. When you implement HealthSparq Magnify, your employees will be able to:

  • Access the transparency tools in HealthSparq One through your member portal, employer intranet, emails and more
  • Receive personalized assistance by phone from a knowledgeable health care expert who can help them navigate their needs
  • Reduce unnecessary and often costly office visits by using a telehealth service, where board-certified doctors and licensed therapists are available by phone, email or video, 24/7 (available as an add-on service)