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Q&A with an Expecting Mother: “I found confidence in the unexpected through HealthSparq’s health care shopping tools”

Around the nation, you’ll hear more and more conversations about new and vital health care shopping tools like the ones we offer. They allow people to make more educated decisions about their health care experience by comparing the cost and quality of medical treatments and those who provide them. But what you may not be hearing is how people are using these tools in real life.

We’re in a unique position to tell this important story thanks to a robust network of data from 67 health plans covering over 78 million lives. Nearly everyday, we discover something new and exciting to contribute to the conversation around shopping for health care. For instance, we know expecting moms are the most active HealthSparq users.

To find out why, we sat down for a Q&A session with Megan, an extraordinarily savvy expecting mom and HealthSparq user. Megan leveraged our tools to plan out her pregnancy care beginning in her first trimester, and ultimately, to feel more confident about her care. As you’ll discover below, she is a shining example of how shopping in health care can help deliver the most optimal health care experience. Keep Reading…

AHIP Institute 2014

Last week HealthSparq attended AHIP Institute 2014, and in the process, came back with a lot of exciting news and coverage of the event.

For starters, HealthSparq announced a collaborative agreement with America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) in a move toward greater healthcare transparency.

On Thursday, Scott Decker and Don Antonucci discussed healthcare trends and the importance of consumer knowledge in an evolving industry that is quickly becoming more transparent and empowering consumers to make more informed healthcare decisions. Watch the video of the AHIP 360 Stage Presentation: How Consumer Knowledge Can Transform the Customer Experience Keep Reading…

Let’s Be Clear About Health Care Costs

The last time you bought something online, I am betting you followed a process that goes something like this: you researched the item, read some reviews (then got a little distracted by the reviews), compared costs, saw what other people bought, compared costs again and then bought the highest-rated, lowest-cost combination you could find. Does that sound about right?

Keep Reading…

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