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Vasectomies, wellness treatment searches gain popularity in the New Year

Press Release: Data from HealthSparq reveals new seasonality in patient health care shopping behaviors

Severe Spring Allergies Drive People to Comparison Shop for Tests, Therapies to Save Money

Press Release: HealthSparq data shows allergy shots and tests are among most frequently shopped medical treatments in Spring, nearly double 2014 figures

HealthSparq Named Portland Business Journal's Third Fastest-Growing Private Company in Oregon and SW Washington

Press Release: The health care startup saw 1,146 percent revenue growth from 2011 to 2014, plans to add 75 new employees in 2015

Study Reveals People Demand Health Care Shopping Tools, But Don’t Know When Health Plans Offer Them

Press Release: New findings from Cicero Group show that health plans must improve communication with their members to build tool utilization.

Expectant Mothers are Most Frequent Health Care Shoppers in Pacific Northwest

Press Release: Data from HealthSparq Reveals Consumer Health Shopping Trends

Case Studies

Save Money and Keep Your Employees Happy

Discover one employer's solution for managing rising health care costs.

The Power of Price Transparency

Learn how HealthSparq’s Treatment Cost Estimator generated nearly $50 million in potential cost savings for members of the largest regional health plans in the Pacific Northwest over a two-year period.

White Papers

2014 Research Report: How to Engage Your Members

Learn what health plan members want from their plan and how to encourage them to use their health care transparency tools.

2013 Research Report: Health Insurance Plans and Transparency

HealthSparq commissioned a first-of-its-kind benchmark study on the health care transparency sentiment of plans, as reported by health plan executives nationwide. The research was conducted by a third party research firm, The Cicero Group.

The Case for Online Shopping for Health Care Services

As health care costs continue to rise, consumers who face increasing out-of-pocket costs are highly motivated to find ways to better manage their health care spend.

2014 Research Report: Health Plans & Transparency

The Good, the Bad and the Opportunity. For the second year in a row, HealthSparq commissioned a benchmark study on the adoption of transparency tools by health plans nationwide. This study compares the results from 2013 to 2014.

Health Care Reform and Transparency

U.S. HEALTH CARE REFORM: The Call for Greater Cost and Quality Transparency details how health care reform relates to the need for increased transparency within the industry as a way to bring down costs and meet consumer demand.


Helping You Make Smarter Health Care Choices

A short video simply illustrating how HealthSparq's tools empower customers to be savvier health care shoppers.

What happens when health plan executives talk to members about what they really think of their plans?

Hear what everyday people have to say about their health plan, what frustrates them and what they wish their plan would provide.

Shopping for Health Care

A fun video illustrating the issues of trying to shop for health care in today's world.

Overview of HealthSparq's Transparency Solutions

The health care system in the U.S. is in need of a transformation. As health care costs continue to rise, consumers need access to information in order to make more informed health care decisions. HealthSparq's platform brings the online shopping experience to health care.

How Consumer Knowledge Can Transform the Customer Experience

Scott Decker and Don Antonucci discuss health care trends and the importance of consumer knowledge in an evolving industry that is quickly becoming more transparent and empowering consumers to make more informed health care decisions.


Health Plans + Transparency Tools = Happy Customers

For the second year in a row, HealthSparq commissioned a third party research study where over 200 health plan executives were surveyed. Listen in as Chad Berbert from the Cicero Group shares the results from the groundbreaking study on the adoption of transparency tools by health plans.

Reducing Health Care Expenses at Your Company

There's no question that health care costs are a primary concern for employers of all sizes. Learn how you can control costs by offering high deductible health plans paired with health savings accounts.